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Tuesday | 27 September 2016
Judging ourselves rightly

It is important for Christians to judge themselves rightly. Paul exhorted us to examine ourselves when we come together to partake of the communion elements. He explained that a person who does not judge himself rightly in relation to the body of Christ, eats and drinks the judgement of God to himself. It is for this reason that there are many who are weak, sick, and who even die before their time. They are obviously not recipients of the ‘times of refreshing’ from the Lord. However, if we judge ourselves rightly, we will not be judged.

To judge our situation rightly, we need to be rightly related to the royal law of God. In this regard, it is important to recognise that Christ did not come to destroy the law; He came to fulfil it. Likewise, as sons of God who have received the promise of the Spirit through faith, we do not nullify the law. Christ has satisfied the demands of law on our behalf. This means that the law is no longer exercising its judgement upon Him, or upon those who are in Him. He suffered its full penalty and established redemption as a process that gives us His life.

In order to be delivered from trying to fulfil the law through the flesh, we must die with Christ to the law. We do this by being rightly connected to the crucified body of Christ. We are connected to Christ’s suffering and dying when we are baptised. We, also, through the death of Christ, have died to the obligation to keep the precepts of the law in our own strength. By joining the offering of Christ through baptism, we have been given the privilege and capacity to fulfil its commands by the Spirit and power of God. Having been baptised into the death of Christ, we are now able to put off the law of sin by the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us.

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